Firmly dedicated to serving up the most authentic cuts of meat and marinades, our meat department continues to be the destination for the freshest, highest quality beef, pork, poultry, and seafood. Our full-service meat department is always lively and our friendly butchers are dedicated to serving you. Although there are eight levels of USDA graded beef, there are generally only three USDA grades of beef that you would buy in a supermarket, a butcher shop or a restaurant. They are USDA Prime, USDA Choice or USDA Select which is the order of grade from the highest to lowest. Universal Supermarkets only sells USDA Choice. We specialize in offering the most sought after traditional Latin American cuts of beef like Ranchera (Flap Steak a.k.a. “Carne Asada”), Diesmillo (Chuck Steak), Entraña (Outside Skirt Steak) and Espaldia (Shoulder Clod Steak). Our Famous Citrus-Marinated Chicken Leg Meat, Chicken Breast and Drumsticks and our Hand-made Spicy Mexican, Argentinean and El Salvadorian Sausages are hugely popular too. We also offer traditional American cuts of beef like U.S.D.A. Choice T-Bone, Rib-Eye and Tri-Tip steaks. But the list doesn’t end there; in our “Old Style” full-service butcher shop, you’ll find a multitude of less-common meats like Quail, Cornish Game Hens, Beef Tongue, Suckling Pigs, Goat, Lamb, Venison, Chicken Gizzards, Sweetbreads, Pickled Pig’s Feet and our much-loved Blood Sausage.


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Specialty meat is our pride and joy. We carry U.S.D.A. Choice premium cuts and a Carniceria Latina. We also have the highest quality fresh, frozen and smoked meats, including beef, pork and poultry. Cuts from top sirloin to hamburger


Whole fish is important to our customers, and our fresh seafood suppliers provide an abundance of the finest seafood from South Florida, as well as U.S. and International fishing grounds. 


Thinking about plantains? Or yams? We have a wide variety of the finest island produce, as well as the standard produce you come to expect with a full-service grocery store.


Our shelves are stocked with International-brand products from many of the Caribbean islands, as well as products from Mexico, Columbia, Argentina and Peru.

Bulk Food

Come enjoy hot food entrees, with choices that include sandwiches featuring Boar’s Head Brand meats and cheeses.


Come enjoy hot entrees, with choices that include sandwiches featuring Boar’s Head Brand meats and cheeses.


We have many different types of frozen foods, including Jamaican Style Patties from brands that include Patty King, Tower Isles Jamaican Style, Island Joe’s, La Fe, Goya and Quirch Foods.